Friday, October 8, 2010

Funky Food Friday: Fruit Brute

Now that we're getting close to Halloween, our old spooky cereal pals Boo Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula are again haunting store shelves. (New this year: Fruit Roll-Ups.)

But today we're talking about the dearly departed cartoon werewolf Fruit Brute, and his frosted fruit-flavored nuggets and vaguely limeish marshmallows. Because nothing says “nutritious breakfast” like a bloodthirsty creature of the night.

After a good run from the mid-'70s to the early '80s, today he’s nothing more than a pointy-toothed, lycanthropic and fairly disturbing memory. Or, hmmm -- maybe he's still out there, baying at the moon, flicking at fleas and recalling the glory days when the breakfast cereal aisle was an even scarier place to roam.

Ow-ooooooooo! And please pass the milk.

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Adam said...

Eric Stoltz is seen eating a bowl of Fruit Brute in "Pulp Fiction" when Travolta calls him up to say he's bringing over the ODing Uma Thurman. See the very beginning of this clip:

I read somewhere that Tarantino used fake or defunct brands a lot to avoid having to pay royalties to the brand-owners.