Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Magic," aka "That freaky ventriloquism movie"

Aaaugh, the movie trailer for 1978's "Magic" freaked me out. (Let's hope no one at a video store gets mixed up trying to rent this other one and gets the '78 gem instead. The kids will be scarred for life.)

I have never seen the film, and I don't really care to, but something about this ugly dummy just creeps me.

Did anyone see it? Is it as scary as the preview promises?


mosprott said...

awful, weird, freaky movie. Anthony Hopkins. 'Nuff said.

Paxton said...

Yes, this movie freaked me the freak out. It is every bit as creepy as that trailer.

Mark said...

Scary as in SCARY scary? Not really. Creepy? You betcha. Hopkins + vent dummy = maximum creepage.

The rhyme in the trailer strikes me as kind of dopey, though.

Anonymous said...

Movies like this made ventriloquism a scary/freaky practice. There is a new documentary coming out called Dumbstruck that I think you will either like because of the fact that it revolves around ventriloquist or you will enjoy because its so weird because its a documentary about ventriloquist.
either way, check out the trailer on the facebbok website!

Anonymous said...

Check out the link to a contest I found from these "Dumbstruck" people to win a puppet....its pretty freaky looking...then you could make your own creepy ventriloquist trailer!

Juliette said...

Anthony Hopkins gave a very commended performance in Magic - he actually had to take ventriloquism lessons for months to perfect the art.

Anthony Hopkins top 10 movies

josephgioielli said...

Made my childhood hell for years. I remember running to the bathroom when it came on.

Jebus, that brings back bad memories.

I finally watched it when I was in my 30s. I thought it was stupid.