Wednesday, October 13, 2010


OK, I'll say it: I never quite knew what Ten-O-Six did, or if it did anything.

It was an orange bottled face antiseptic from Bonne Bell with a really distinctive smell. (Imagine opening the smooth white top, putting a cotton ball to the liquid and dabbing it on your face. You can smell it, can't you? I wish the Web had smell-o-vision!)

I don't think moms in the 1980s sat down with their daughters and went over makeup and acne cleansing and all that stuff. They probably do now, since all we hear about is how helicopter parents practically move in to the dorms with their kids. But back then, we were pretty much winging it, with the help of whatever beauty products were on sale at Target or Walgreen's, tips from our friends, and Seventeen magazine. (Speaking of Seventeen, here's a really fun post (link fixed!) where a woman travels down memory lane with the help of a 1982 copy of Seventeen. I remember every single ad in this issue.)

I didn't realize that Bonne Bell moved to Australia and cut back on their American product distribution, but that's what Wikipedia says. (They also note that Ten-O-Six is a "camphor astringent" and was briefly discontinued in 1998.) And if you Google Ten-O-Six, you'll find lots of people bemoaning the fact that they can't find it any more.

But it appears to have been reintroduced and renamed Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean, so if you're still in the market for a kinda stingy antiseptic cleanser that shocks you with how much dirt winds up on a cotton ball, and whose smell reminds you of Duran Duran days, keep an eye out for the new name.


Annie said...

I was a Sea Breeze girl myself. That stuff was harsh!

Deanna said...

I was a Sea Breeze girl myself!

Anonymous said...

I've found ten o six products on this website

tessa said...

i was born in 79, so i was a young kid in the 80's, but i have seen bonne bell ads growing up and used to want to use them when i grow up. unfortunately, i grew up and the bonne bell 10.0.6 stuff disappeared... so i was so glad to find them again! i finally put them to the test last week and i have to say i'm hooked. after the first product i bought, i bought three more from their range. love it! 80's for life!