Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lip Lickers

I looooooved Lip Lickers from Village Bath (in Minnetonka, wooo, Minnesota represent!).

Lip Smackers were awesome too of course, but they're still around and never really went away. Lip Lickers, on the other hand, are a special memory that not everyone has. They came in those cool tins with sliding tops and were decorated with vintagey graphics of flowers and fruit.

Some had two flavors per tin -- remember those? You slid the lid one way for one flavor and the other for the second.

The folks at Vintage Sister remember, and they were inspired enough to make very similar glosses. Here's their story of finding a box of old Lip Lickers from 1979 and starting a business because of it. (Unfortunately, the site says it's closed until the fall...this would seem to be the fall, so not sure what's up there.)

Did you have Lip Lickers, or were you purely a Lip Smackers fan? What flavors do you remember? (Gael's PCJM site got some great comments on this back in 2006.)


Anonymous said...

YES, I remember these! I loved the strawberry.

Dimestore Lipstick said...

Had tons of Village goodies--bath salts, bubble bath, I think I had a body splash, too. And the Lip Lickers, of course. Village products were my favorite teenage pampering choice.

Emily said...

I had no idea those were a Minnesota thing! That is so cool.

Helen Dooley said...

They did but not as good. they were gooey not like lip balm. miss these. :)

GigiNYC said...

I haven't thought about those in an age! I had two of the two-flavored ones -- Strawberry/Cream and Watermelon(?)/Ice. Unfortunately, the idea of an ice-flavored lip gloss turned out to be better than the actual reality.