Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Which '80s actor directed "Burlesque"?

The new singin'/dancin' flick "Burlesque" hits theaters today, and it's got quite a '70s and '80s pedigree, what with Cher taking center stage. But did you know it's directed by an '80s actor, Steve Antin?

I read an article that mentioned that Antin had been in "The Goonies," so I searched for a photo of him, but didn't recognize him. Turns out he doesn't look much like he used to. Not much at all. Here he is today:

And here he is back in the '80s:

Ring a bell? He was indeed in "The Goonies," as the jerk who tormented Josh Brolin's character. He was the jerk who got the girl in "The Last American Virgin." And best of all, he was Jessie -- yes, also a jerk -- in the video for Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl."

Good times. Good times. It made me realize that as actors who played jerks go, Antin was underrated. So today, in conjunction with the release of his new movie, I hereby nominate Steve Antin as runner-up King of the '80s On-Screen Jerks, second only to the once-and-forever king, William Zabka.

Here's Antin strutting his smirky stuff in "Jessie's Girl":

Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl
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