Wednesday, December 15, 2010

7-Up Gold

How did I manage to miss the entire (brief) life of 7-Up Gold? Apparently it was a cinnamony (!) ginger version of 7-Up, that was born and died quckly back in 1988.

Thanks for the link, Jeff! I love failed food products.


cmcl said...

I remember that stuff! In fact, I rather liked it.

Ah, the 80s. The Golden Age of "let's take a tried and true formula and TRY TO MAKE IT BETTER." Sometimes they were fun as one-off novelties, but twenty years later, how many kooky B-side flavors of our favorite sodas have stuck around?

Gigi said...

I actually LOVED 7UP Gold and am still somewhat vainly hoping it will make a come back.

Anonymous said...

0mg! 7up gold was the best... I wish they would jus bring it back... that was and will always be my favorite soda. Whatever hap to all the other soft drinks like coke 2 or pepsi clear and so on:)