Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Classic Christmas Commercials

Has Christmas become too commerical? Probably. But that doesn't mean we still can't enjoy these, some of our favorite holiday TV commercials.

First is the famous Norelco Santa spot, where Old St. Nick drives around on a razor. Watch out for the internal gear system in that thing, Mr. Claus! (Here's a newer, slicker CG version of the original.)

Next is one that many people continue to list among their all-time top holiday commercials: the Folger's ad where Peter comes home to surprise his family. Here's an interview with Peter himself.

And finally, the Clio-winning McDonald's gift certificates commerical starring a cherubic Corey Feldman. Aaw. He was such a little pumpkin.

All three of these commericals really take us back, sparking a little smile and heartwarming feeling -- and they do it in 60 seconds or less. What are some of your holiday favorites?

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Anonymous said...

The one I remember year after year in the '80s was for Isotoner gloves. A geeky guy is buying them for "all his girlfriends" while the saleslady makes googly eyes at him. He buys one more pair because "I never know when I may need an extra pair," and the saleslady swoons. A bit skeevy, but it ran for years in the 80's.

You can see it on this YouTube compilation of '80's commercials; it starts at about the 1:03 mark...