Monday, January 24, 2011

Classic Clip Monday: Fonz products

Aaaay! Remember when The Fonz was the coolest thing around? ABC hyped it no end. Here's a batch of fun Fonz product commercials. Remember any of these?

Fonz pinball! The kid doesn't look that startled when a) a pinball machine suddenly shows up in his house, and b) starts talking to him.

Fonz motorcycle and action figure with thumbs-up action! Gotta say, that first kid looks like a total dork attempting the double-thumbs-up.

OK, this isn't REALLY a Fonzie ad. It's for Trix, but come on! In that time period, you know who "King Cool" in the black leather jacket and on the bike really is!

The Fonzie garage playset.

Fonz Colorforms

Some kind of weird game called the Flip-A-Knot.

The Fonz record player

A creepy doll

Multiple board games, including Hangin' Out At Arnold's

Which Fonzie products did I miss? There's a fun list here.


cmcl said...

Once, when I was a kid, I was taken to the shoe store and was being measured for a new pair of shoes, and having nothing better to do while this was going on I started reading the labels on the shoeboxes that were piled up to the ceiling. There was a box of "FONZ LOAFERS," and I asked the shoe store lady about them and she was like, "Uh, I guess they're the kind of loafers Fonzie would wear!" I thought this was stupid, but kept it to myself.

Brian said...

If you weren't a kid in the mid-70s, it's hard to imagine the impact of Fonzie-mania. EVERY kid I knew had a Fonzie t-shirt, and most had the doll and toy motorcycle. Everyone pined for the $99 genuine Fonz leather jacket (and I even knew one kid who talked his parents into buying one!) There was a general fascination with the 50s (we were the fist generation too young to remember it), and everybody perfected their "Aaaayyy..." "Happy Days" was watched religiously, and at school we would discuss each week's episode as if we were Bible scholars analyzing scripture (and woe to anyone who missed an episode!!). Then, like all good fads, Fonzie-mania disappeared as fast as it had begun (long before the storied jump-the-shark episode, BTW).