Friday, January 7, 2011

Funky Food Friday: Candy Buttons

Oh man, this is perhaps the saddest candy that I must ever admit to LOVING.

When I was a kid, my parents had a hobby farm in rural Wisconsin, and we used to go up there on weekends. My mom would take my niece and I in to the Ben Franklin in the tiny town of Frederic (or Luck?) and buy us goofy toys and goodies as treats. We always wanted candy buttons. Why I do not know. We surely ate as much of the paper as we did the colored sugar, but maybe that was half the fun.

Anyway, Retroland had a great post on them, and I can close my eyes and taste them. And the paper.

Ha, they even have a Wikipedia entry. From which I learned they have three flavors (cherry, lime and lemon), two paper lengths, that they're also called Candy Dots or Pox (!), that they've been owned by Necco since 1980, and that some guy gets credit for inventing the candy button machine. A fine piece of fame.
Are these still made? Do they even resonate with kids today, who have cell phones and video games practically from birth?

What semi-lame candies did you love? Share in the comments!


briank said...

OMG...I have been to that Ben Franklin store. My uncle who lived in St. Paul had a summer camp on a lake near Frederic, and we went there one summer for a family vacation.

I was 16 that summer, so I was a little too old for the candy dots.

Tabula Rasa,,, said...

Can't say I ever had them growing up in Canada, but this young American woman seems to like 'em.

Brian said...

Candy buttons had flavors? Who knew? IMHO, they were inedible.