Friday, February 11, 2011

Funky Food Friday: Freshen Up Gum and Chewels

Gum kinda went nuts in the 1980s. One of the most memorable weird subcultures of gum was the puffy, fat gum with a squirty liquid center. (I think it was in Darby Romeo's wonderful "Retro Hell" book that I learned this was called "cum gum," which...euw.)

Freshen Up was one of the big brands, famous for their "he didn't know, the gum was loaded" ads, with what looked like a poor man's sweathogs bopping in harmony. It came out in 1975, and according to Wikipedia, has always been made in Brazil.

Chewels was an awful lot like Freshen Up, but apparently was sugarless, and also came first. (Their "smack dab in the middle" commercial is about a minute 30 seconds into this classic 1980s commercial medley.) According to Wikipedia, it was one of the first ads run on MTV. Eighties classic!

Apparently, you can still buy Freshen Up, even at Amazon. Can't seem to find Chewels though.

Do you remember these? Have a favorite?

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Jason said...

We bought some Freshen Up at a Cracker Barrel not that long ago and I had actually never heard of it. I remembered Chewels though, and some comedian way back when had a joke that went "I could never be gay, I can't even eat that gum that squirts in your mouth."