Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Magic 8-Ball

Who didn't love their Magic 8-Ball?

They've been around since 1946, though I always kinda thought they were a '60s thing. The standard black and white one is the classic, but now they have all kinds of variants, which say things that tie into their theme. Here are just a few.

--GLEE themed

--Muppets themed

--Care Bears themed

--Sponge Bob Square Pants themed (this one is just plain scary looking)

--Family Guy themed (responses are almost all Stewie quotes)

--And even, weirdly, one based on those Sweethearts conversation hearts

But thankfully, you can still get the classic one.

Almost everybody has the phrases memorized. CANNOT PREDICT NOW. ASK AGAIN LATER. SIGNS POINT TO YES. IT IS DECIDEDLY SO. OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD. REPLY HAZY, TRY AGAIN. There were so so many non-commital ones, it seems, it just made you want to throw the thing against the wall.

I remember once someone I knew had a broken 8-Ball and the many-sided die inside it came out. It was so fascinating to see it with all the responses visible.

Magic 8-Ball MOVIE, but I'm just praying that's a joke about retro revival gone too far.
Any 8-Ball memories to share? What's your favorite response?

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