Thursday, February 3, 2011


Breakfast cereal in the '70s launched a kajillion crunchy, sugar-fueled memories (we're talking to you, Fruit Brute), but one of the absolute greatest long-lost tastes was Quisp. And the eponymous mascot was just as deliciously fun: The tiny pink alien from the Planet Q flew around via a beanie built into his head. He bragged that his flying-saucer-shaped cereal was “vitamin powered.” Which it probably was, if sugar is a vitamin.

Quisp was deported back to his home planet in the '70s, and sporadically reared his beanie-shaped head in supermarkets and online over the years. And now he's back again -- and should be much easier to find, since he's available at many SuperTargets: We stumbled on this massive display in Minnesota yesterday. The 11-year-old in me almost bought the entire rack.

And I'm happy to report that it tastes just like I remember. Did you shovel this down by the boxful as a kid? And have you added this little guy to your 21st-century pantry yet?


briank said...

One of my very earliest memories is from Christmas 1967, when I was four years old. At the time Quaker had a mail-in premium for both Quisp and Quake, where if you send in the proverbial boxtops and a couple of bucks, you could order either a Quisp spinning-propeller beanie or a Quake miner's helmet with built-in flashlight lamp. For Christmas I got the Quake helmet, and I can still remember opening the box and wearing the hat all day. Cereal-wise, I always liked Quisp better, but DAMN how I wanted that helmet.

Brian said...

@briank: I think I had the Quake helmet as well! I love Quisp and I'm glad they (sorta) brought it back. I pick up a box every so often... but the problem is, you're hungry an hour or so after you eat it. A Quisp breakfast is not a meal that sticks to your ribs!

And if you can't find Qusip, don't worry... it's essentially reconstituted Capt'n Crunch.

Anonymous said...

I still.have mine. Can't find the original box though