Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fool's Day pranks

I'm not sure why, but as a kid, we'd look forward to April Fool's Day almost as much as Christmas or Halloween. Maybe it was because we were given carte blanche to play pranks on our friends and family -- and all they could do was shake their heads. "Too bad, look at the calendar -- it's a punishment-free zone today."

On paper, that's pretty an eight-year-old. But looking back, our enthusiasm was probably a little over-rated, since we didn't exactly pull out all the creative stops and come up with ultra-memorable, Cartman-tricking-Scott-Tenorman-into-eating-his-parents-level gags. Some people really take the day seriously, though: Check out these top 100 April Fool's jokes of all time.

Instead, we'd take a page from the third-grade playbook, and play benign tricks like replacing the sugar in the sugar bowl with salt, or unscrewing the top to the salt shaker. (Salt, the official sponsor of April Fool's Day.)

What are the best April Fool's pranks you've played -- or had played on you?

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