Monday, March 21, 2011

Classic Clip Monday: Captain Crook

So Brian and I were discussing McDonaldland the other day, as you do, and we had to rack our brains to remember who the heck the pirate criminal was.

Captain Crook!

Sure, the Hamburglar gets all the criminal attention (ROBBLE ROBBLE ROBBLE), but Captain Crook, introduced in 1970, was also a bad guy. His goal? To steal Filet O' Fish sandwiches.

Wikipedia notes his rise and sad fall: "In the '70s, he was a major character with an unseen mouth and a rubber mask. In the 80s, he was a supporting background character renamed "The Captain" where he had an almost Muppet-like look and was often seen with a parrot. The character was dropped during the streamlining of the characters in the mid-1980s."

DROPPED? STREAMLINING OF THE CHARACTERS? Whose great idea was that? The best thing about McDonaldland was how random and bizarre characters would just show up whenever you least expected it. (Remember the Fry Guys?) They should never have dropped any of these loons, they should just wander off for a few years and then come back with a few dark secrets and an extra tattoo or so.

Bring back Captain Crook! Here's Ronald telling of his legend.

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