Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hawaiian Punch Commercials

Here’s yet another lesson TV taught us: If someone asks you, “Hey, how about a nice Hawaiian Punch?”, it’s a trap. You’re very likely not going to get a fruity drink, and in fact, you may get a trip to the hospital thanks to a feisty beverage mascot named “Punchy.”

But maybe that's not so true anymore. While he's had his hand clenched into a fist for the past 50 years, it looks as if Punchy is finally getting some anger-management therapy. Hawaiian Punch is giving the angriest mascot in the world a makeover -- they even have their website under construction to rework the little dude. Waffle Whiffer Zone found a box of fruit snacks that gives a sneak preview of his new look: Gone is the clenched fist; he's now doing a hang-loose sign instead.

Wondering if the much-assaulted, Mr. Howell-looking tourist Oaf is going to come back and exact some revenge on the kinder, gentler Punchy? Us, too.

Here's a clip of Punchy, back when he was all about the beat-downs:

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