Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shamrock Shakes

It's that time again. Not all McDonald's have them, but a lot of locations are offering the Shamrock Shake.

I think I have maybe had one sip of a Shamrock Shake in my entire life. Not a fan of the mint, exactly. But I love them all the same. The concept of a only-for-a-limited-time item, in a color that milkshakes just are never in, it was a huge fascination.

They came out in 1970, so they're a true Xer food item. Wikipedia says they are "credited with helping pave the way for other seasonal drinks, including Starbucks Coffee's pumpkin spice and eggnog lattes."

Canadians, however, are mostly out of luck. Shamrock Shakes are much rarer there -- apparently they showed up in 2008, but before then, had been missing for five years.

Uncle O'Grimacey, purple Grimace's green Irish relative, used to promote the shakes. And we thought GRIMACE was weird...

Were you, or are you a Shamrock Shake fan? Do you remember Uncle O'Grimacey? What other seasonal fast-food offerings are you a fan of?


Anonymous said...

I work in a McDonald's in downtown Montreal - and the neone green concoction is available till Saint-Patty's day. I recommend going half mint-half chocolate for actually being able to swallow it!

Brian said...

My wife is a Shamrock Shake junkie! Needless to say, we're getting them all the time... and we'll miss them when March is over. :( McDonald's is getting all gourmet with their shakes now, adding whipped cream and cherries! I remember when they used to put jimmies in Shamrock Shakes, which IMO made them really gross. Milk shakes and jimmies don't mix, sorry. So I guess the whipped cream and cherries are an improvement.

PeterC said...

I used to love those as a kid. They were disgusting but any limited time item was automatically magical.
I remember a time when they had various packets of stuff to add to your shake like mint chocolate chips (long before Mcflurries).