Monday, April 4, 2011

Classic Clip Monday: O, mighty Isis!

O, mighty Isis!

Man, Saturday kids' TV just rocked in the 1970s, didn't it? "The Secrets of Isis" wasn't even a cartoon, it was a live-action Sat. AM show, and it rocked our socks off.

The plot was awesome. Young science teacher Andrea Thomas (Joanna Cameron, who is apparently still eating out on that role today, as she should) dug up an amulet that would let her change into the goddess Isis.

As Wikipedia notes, "Isis displays a virtually unlimited array of superhuman powers and abilities. Usually she invokes these powers through incanting a rhyming couplet, for example, taking flight by reciting 'Oh zephyr winds that blow on high / Lift me now so I can fly.' " She also gave a little moral lesson at the end of the show, usually something like "don't be racist."

For a while, Isis shared a time block with Shazam, under the name "Shazam/Isis Power Hour." Total awesomeness.

As with every fond memory of our childhood, there may be a new version. Says Wikipedia: "Grammnet, the production company owned by Kelsey Grammer, has reportedly obtained the rights to produce a movie based on the character to be called The Legend of Isis." Frasier and Isis? Seems an odd combo, but we'll see if this happens or it's just another Hollywood MadLib, as in (Name of famous movie star with lots of money) wants to remake (1970s or 1980s classic).

The show did come out on DVD in 2007, but is apparently out of print, and used copies are kinda pricey. But if you have Netflix, you can watch them streaming online.

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Anonymous said...

I loved this show! It was one of those I thought I dreamed until the Internet came along & confirmed it's existence.