Friday, April 15, 2011

Funky Food Friday: Lik-M-Aid

Oh man, this is one of those candies that isn't so much beloved for its taste as for its weird delivery vehicle. We knew it as Lik-M-Aid, although according to Wikipedia, its name since 1989 has been "Fun Dip." Yeah, that's a stupid name. Reminds me of "Sheep Dip." No wonder they kept "Lik-M-Aid" on the package.

You know what it is. A couple packets of flavored sugar and a tongue depressor-like candy stick. You lick the stick, dip it into the powder, and then consume. I was shocked to find out that the stuff dates back to 1942. It doesn't exactly seem like a treat that a World War II nation would embrace, you know?

But damn, we loved this stuff. My pal Matt at X-Entertainment has a hilarious writeup about it. He calls it "sand you can eat." He also provides photos of the version that changes color. This candy was just fun start to finish.

Did you eat Lik-M-Aid as a kid? Or maybe still?

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stufun2002 said...

it was my favorite !