Friday, April 1, 2011

Funky Food Friday: Zotz

Not that many candies start with "Z." Zotz had not one, but two Zs in its name, and that was only part of its coolness.

Zotz were a fruity candy with sour fizzy powder inside. They came out in 1968, and were so novel that they apparently became one of the nation's best-selling candies almost instantly. The sour craze, in which every candy seemed to have to be wrapped in sour powder, was still years away, so Zotz were novel, if a little weird and daring. (Naturally, there's a Facebook fan club.)

Pop Rocks, to me, seem like kind of Zotz taken one step further. Whereas Zotz kind of hid their weirdness inside a regular candy shell, Pop Rocks was all weird, all fizzy, all candy that was shocked by an electrical wire.

You can still buy Zotz online, and it's often found in those Mr. Bulky type candy stores full of bins and nostalgia.

Do you remember Zotz?

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