Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Presto Magix rub-on transfer kits

Man, who didn't love Presto Magix? If you don't recall the brand name, you may have called them "rub-on transfers" or something generic like that.
It came with a background and these little figures and props that were kind of like Colorforms or stickers. But to place them on the background, you rubbed over them with a pencil, and once placed, you couldn't peel them off and replace them, unlike Colorforms.

Actually, Matt from X-Entertainment points out that Presto Magix had its own stick thing that you were supposed to use for rubbing, but we always, always used a sharp pencil.
They came in all varieties, like Shrinky Dinks or coloring books. Scooby Doo, superheroes, Strawberry Shortcake, Star Wars...if you could name it, they probably had it.
Matt points out you could also get quite creative. He notes: "The kit gives you the chance to create scenes you'd never see in the movies. Up above, father and son mutilate the Rancor Monster with their lightsabers. You know, that's a much more touching moment than what we actually got. Vader and Luke fighting dinosaurs side-by-side is way more heartfelt than Luke crying while burning his dad's dead body to a crisp. Then again, I'm not so sure anyone would really be surprised by the idea that a Presto Magix canvas scene can make more sense than a Star Wars movie script."

Do not confuse them with this Presto Magic Show from the 70s, which apparently was a magician's kid for dorky kids, judging by the kids in the commercial.

Ringing any memory bells? Do you remember any particular themes? Did you use a pencil or the provided stick thing? Also, here's a video of some guy showing off his 1980s Presto Magix pages.


Deanna said...

I had forgotten about these until you reminded me! I loved them. I wasn't an artistic child, so this let me dabble in creativity without having to actually draw anything! :)

Anthony Scott said...

I've been collecting these for a long time. I have everything from super heroes to Star Wars to ones based on cartoon shows and some "genre" ones like a stagecoach ambush.

Anonymous said...

I just found an old stash of old presto magix my husband had from way back when he was a teen. He did some crazy funny nonsense with them. There was one of the grand prix and there was a guy with a cloud of smoke coming from his butt as if he were passing gas and blowing a little guy away. I was hoping to find some to buy but can no longer find them. I bet my husband and I could do some funny and sick stuff with those things.