Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Richie Rich and other Harvey comics

Richie Rich! His dog Dollar! His butler Cadbury! His robot maid! His wannabe girlfriend, Mayda Money!

I loved Richie Rich comics as a kid, and actually had quite a few other series of Harvey Comics that I adored. Little Dot (Dot Polka) was a favorite. So was Little Lotta (who was not little). Wendy the Good Little Witch. Little Audrey. Hot Stuff the Devil. Casper the Friendly Ghost

It never occurred to me that Harvey Comics weren't as cool (if comics can be cool) as, say, Archie. These weren't teen characters, with high school and cars and dating. The Harvey Comics characters were kids like us, and even if we weren't kid zillionaires who always wore bow ties and fought villains like The Onion and Dr. Blemish, they still had friends and fights and kid worries, stuff we could relate to.

Apparently Harvey Comics ceased publishing in 1982, came back in 1986, and now has sold its properties. I kinda got a headache trying to follow the chain of events as described on Wikipedia there. But the funniest bit of it for me was that Marvel tried to copy Richie Rich after Harvey went away, with a character called Royal Roy of Cashelot. Look how similar he looks!

Richie Rich also had a cartoon show, which I vaguely remember, mostly for when it was combined into the horribly named "The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show and Scrappy Too!" Seriously, people? Scrappy? Also, Richie got a movie I never saw with the perfectly cast (at least in looks) Macaulay Culkin.

Did you read Richie Rich, Little Dot, Little Lotta, or other Harvey Comics? Oh, and apparently if you did and miss them, you can now buy a bound volume of Harvey Comics stories. Cheap, too!

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Surfer girl said...

My dad liked these same comics!! As a
Kid his mom wouldn't let him read the violent ones so he settled for richie
Rich and it was great for him to see it in this website