Monday, May 23, 2011

Classic Clip Monday: McKenzie Brothers

Take off! To the Great White North! Take off! It's a beauty way to go!
OK, all you hosers, we're gonna wear our tuques, have some back bacon, and drink a heckuva lot of beer. The McKenzie Brothers were that rare fad of the 1980s that was both hugely successful and actually pretty darn funny. SCTV was an underrated classic that only earned its proper love after it was gone, and "Strange Brew" is a movie I find myself still quoting today, like when the robot hockey player checks one of the brothers (checked 'em? darn near killed 'em!) and the brother gets up and yells, "No goal, eh? He was in the crease!")

I never knew this, but their "coo coo coo roo..." sound was a poke at some Canadian nature PSAs with the hilarious name of "Hinterlands Who's Who." (Here's the beaver one.)

And who doesn't love the story behind how they came about? Let Wikipedia tell it: "The CBC network heads asked the show's producers to add specifically and identifiably Canadian content for those two minutes. Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas thought that this was a ridiculous request, since the show had been taped in Canada, with a mostly Canadian cast and crew, for two years. The request inspired them to create a parody that would incorporate every aspect of the humorous stereotype of Canadians."

 Added Dave Thomas in a 2000 interview, "Rick and I used to sit in the studio, by ourselves – almost like happy hour – drink real beers, cook back bacon, literally make hot snack food for ourselves while we improvised and just talked. It was all very low key and stupid, and we thought, 'Well, they get what they deserve. This is their Canadian content. I hope they like it.'

Bring back the Bros., please. They were hilarious.


Jackie said...

Just discovered your website. It's love at first sight! I had heard about your new book but had no clue there was a website that came first! I'll be a regular visitor from here on in! Just blogged about your book - hope it's a huge success. :)

Brian Bellmont said...

Thanks a lot, Jackie!