Tuesday, May 17, 2011


"Emergency!" was one of my favorite shows of the 1970s. Of course, it was a Jack Webb production. I can honestly say that after Gordon from "Sesame Street," Randolph "Johnny Gage" Mantooth of "Emergency!" was my first TV crush. I even memorized his birthday when they mentioned it in some horoscope plot on the show -- August 28.
It also contributed to society, in that it familiarized people across the nation with the paramedic program. It's hard to believe now that we didn't always have paramedics, but we really didn't. And it also taught people CPR and first aid, and then classes in both started sprouting up. Really hard for me to believe that people didn't know these necessary things then -- we're talking the 1970s here, not the 1770s, but apparently we didn't. So yay, "Emergency!" Cute guys, good drama and excellent social action.

Other fun things. Bobby Troup and Julie London (Dr. Joe Early and Nurse Dixie McCall) were married.  "Alert Rampart!" is and always will be an awesome saying. Kelly Brackett was the first male "Kelly" I had ever heard of. A totally memorable episode featured someone in a bathtub with their toe stuck in the faucet, and completely frightened me away from idly doing that with my toe while bathing. The show was named "Emergency! One" in syndication, because new episodes were still airing under the "Emergency!" name. (Which we obviously don't do today, witness "Seinfeld," "Family Guy," "The Simpsons," etc., all featuring syndicated and new episodes with the same title.)

My husband Rob grew up in Southern California, and as a kid, was convinced HIS local fire station was the one seen in the opening credits. It wasn't -- he lived in Calabasas, and the station used was in Carson -- but I love that he wanted it to be.


briank said...

Not only were Bobby Troup and Julie London married, she was also the EX-wife of Jack Webb himself. Webb was a helluva guy to give a job to both his ex-wife AND the guy she married after him.

Bobby Troup also used to show up in episodes of "Dragnet" as various perps. He was a mean piano player, too.

Deanna said...

Do you remember the animated "Emergency Plus Four?"
I loved it!

And the episode with the toe in the faucet? It stuck with me too! That and the "That Girl!" episode where she got her toe caught in the bowling ball!

Sylko said...

I also had a crush on Gorden & Randolph !.

Mike said...

I loved this show as a kid. My favorite episode was when Johnny was bitten by a snake.

I will say that the acting of the doctors and everyone at the hospital was so stiff. But, I think that's the way Webb liked it since that was his style.

Brian said...

I remember "Emergency" being the cool show when it was on, but I wasn't allowed to watch it. :(