Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Funky Food Friday: Ding Dongs, King Dons or Big Wheels

They were always Ding Dongs to me, but I know in some parts of the country, they were King Dons. What I never knew was why, so I researched it. Not only were they called King Dons in some places, they were called Big Wheels in others. (No, not the bike!) King Don is even more confusing because I remember the cartoon version with the crown being named King Ding Dong, never King Don.

(Image via the awesome Waffle Whiffler!)

Apparently, there was a similarly named product on the East Coast when Ding Dong came out, so they had to change the name there. (No word on why Big Wheels was used.)

The real question: Didn't they taste better when they were individually wrapped in foil? You know they did.

Also, ya gotta watch this bizarre commercial, which can only be from the 1970s. Note the commentor who writes: "King Ding-Dong is an evil bastard, selling his fellow Ding-Dongians as food."


briank said...

In New England, the Hostess product was originally "Big Wheels" and then later "Ding Dongs". The competing product was from Drake's Cakes and was called "Ring Dings". Now Hostess and Drake's are both owned by Continental Baking, but those two products remain. Only ever saw "King Dons" in the Midwest.

Sylko said...

One of the reason I buy them in boxes is because they are still foil wrapped individually. It's the treat I out in field trip day lunches.

Rachel said...

In 1990s Michigan, which is when and where I ate them as a kid, they were called King Dons. They were individually wrapped in shiny white plastic wrappers.