Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Oh man, this takes me back. Before Big Wheel, and even maybe before Hoppity Hops, we had Inchworms, weird little green worms that you rode around.

Not just the toy was memorable, but its jingle was too. "Inchworm! Inchworm! I'm tellin' you true...Inchworm! Inchworm! I love you!"


Fraulein N said...

My mother ordered one of these for me. I'm too young to remember the jingle clearly, but I do remember that she rarely let me ride the damn thing. Apparently it made a godawful noise they carefully omitted from the commercial.

Anonymous said...

Had one. Went thru myself, my brother and 3 cousins. And now, MY kids ride it at my parents' house! That's one quality-made toy!!!
Here's the question...what ever happened to Big Wheels?