Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rub-a-dub Dolly

Rub-a-dub Dolly has a really infectious jingle. Rub-a-dub Dolly! Soft pretty dolly! But other than that, I never really understood this doll. It's a plastic doll you can take in the tub. What plastic doll CAN'T you take in the tub?

And really, what kids got a huge thrill out of soaping up and washing a doll? We didn't even want to soap up ourselves, why would we want to do it to a toy?

But the jingle, and this entire ad, with two blonde twins who remind me of early versions of Mary-Kate and Ashley, cracks me up. TUGBOAT SHOWER!


Anonymous said...

I can't remember if the jingle I remember was for the same toy or not. Was there a Rub-a-dub doggy?
It went something like:
Rub-a-dub (whatever) likes to take a bath with you.
Taking a bath can be lots of fun, cause 2 in the bathtub is more fun that one.
Or was that maybe a Saturday night live skit...

Laurie said...

I remember that one too Liz -
Rub a Dub Dolly
Soft pretty dolly
play with her in the bath with you
Taking a bath can be lots of fun
cause two in the bathtub is more fun than one
Rub a Dub Dolly
Rub a Dub Dolly
Rub a Dub Dolly we love you.

Sylko said...

I d Rub a Dub Dolky and her tugboat shower. Ugh. That shower was IMOOSSIBLE for me to work. It required the strength of a grown man to squeeze it for it to spray, not the strength of a 5 year old!