Monday, June 27, 2011

Classic Clip Monday: "Hemo the Magnificent"

On Thursday, we had a great discussion of short school films that we watched and would love to see again. Both here on the blog and on Facebook, people contributed their memories.

My friend Stephanie remembers watching (and passing out at) "Hemo the Magnificent," about the circulatory system.

I started to play it on YouTube, and my husband Rob instantly remembered it and knew what came next. It is a little bloody, but also fascinating. And directed by FRANK CAPRA!

Was this one of your school films?


Carole said...

I love that Piglet is the main actor and that they producer hasn't taken the cigarette out of his mouth during the whole "health film".

Anonymous said...

You can buy this (and the other Bell Labs educational films with Dr. Frank Baxter) from Amazon. I got mine about a month ago. They're a hoot!

GigiNYC said...

I don't remember watching "Hemo The Magnificent" in school, but I *do* remember watching one of the other Bell Science Labs films called "The Unchained Goddess" (which is about weather systems). Originally, I couldn't even remember what it was called -- the only thing I could remember for certain was that it featured animated mythological characters who were trying to blow out a real-life candle.