Monday, June 20, 2011

Crazy Foam

We were discussing Mr. Bubble turning 50 and it made me think of Crazy Foam! Only I couldn't remember what it was called until Carole on our Facebook site remembered!
These were those straight cans of spray bath foam with plastic heads--superheroes, clowns, etc--on the top. The foam squirted out their mouths, or, as Carole said "nothing like having Batman puke in your tub."

Plaid Stallions found an ad for it and it was only 88 cents a can! I wouldn't think anyone would buy Robin but the Plaid Stallion poster says he got that one, and actually wanted it. I also love the anonymous comment on that post: "Back on one of those late 70's Christmas mornings, my older brother shot some Superman Crazy Foam into my mouth. Needless to say, we're not very close these days."

Not all of the heroes barfed up the foam. Another Plaid Stallions post shows that Spidey actually hucked it out his nose.

Check out this vintage commercial for it. I think the kid squirting out pretty much the whole can of Smurf foam is pretty accurate. As another commentor notes, that'd be $2-$3 per bath.

Oh, and dig this COLOR version of Crazy Foam. I remember this too -- not the colors, but that it was thick enough you could ball it up and shape it. Though in this ad when the girl smashes it into her face it looks a little like she's just killed herself with it.

Did you have this stuff? Any fond memories? Which hero/character did you have?


Doug said...

ISTR my folks getting me a can of this stuff exactly once. I used it all up in a couple of days and that was that...I have no idea if it actually worked well as soap or anything.

Anonymous said...

oh WOW! I remember this!!!! I had the Pink Panther version!! I can still smell it and almost remember the texture if i think hard enough. WOW, memories

Anonymous said...

I have a can of the Blue Foamotron
Crazy Foam. I bought it as a gag
stocking stuffer for my Dad Back in
1979. It's become a family tradition
to pass it back and forth among
family members every Christmas ever