Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mr. Bubble

Which rotund, anthropomorphic and iconic mascot just turned 50? Nope -- KoolAid Man hit that milestone a few years back. Over the weekend, Mr. Bubble celebrated a half century of keeping kids clean, with the world's largest bubble bath.

While we were at the Mall of America Barnes & Noble in Bloomington, Minn., doing our first book signing on Saturday, Mr. Bubble was just across the street at the Water Park of America, splashing and surfing with hundreds of his closest swimsuit-clad friends to mark the occasion. (Not bad for a guy who's been around since 1961.)
Did your childhood bathtime ritual include this li'l pink dude? You can still find him today, in a variety of forms, including bubble bath, foam soap, body wash and hand soap.


Sylko said...

Funny. I was looking at the bottle of Mr. Bubble & thought about your book. When I was a kid, Mr. Bubble was always in a pink bottle. I use the white bottle Mr. Bubble for my kids.

Brian said...

I remember getting Mr. Bubble for Christmas one year. An odd gift, but appreciated nonetheless. I also remember putting Mr. Bubble in a kiddie pool... which didn't work out so well.