Monday, June 6, 2011

"Pudding Pops" goes coast to coast

Did you hear Gael's interview on NPR's "All Things Considered" over the weekend, interspersed with all sorts of fun audio clips from days gone by? The story, accompanying article, photos and an excerpt from the book are all posted here.

Here's a little taste! "Do you have the Eight is Enough theme music burned into your brain? Do you fall into a Proustian reverie at the fizzy punch of Pop Rocks? Are you old enough to remember carrying a metal lunch box to school — and clobbering your friends with it? Then you're the perfect age to appreciate a new book called Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops? The Lost Toys, Tastes & Trends of the '70s & '80s. It's a catalogue of things designed to make you smile and say, 'Oh yeah, I remember that!'"

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