Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Pudding Pops" is in bookstores and online today!

"Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops?” is officially available! Thanks a million to everybody for all the great support as we’ve waited for today to get here. We really do appreciate it. And despite all the writing, blog discussions and interviews that have happened already, it’s really all just getting started!

Here’s a little look at some of our thoughts from the last several years of putting the book together:

Gael's favorite entries: Atari 2600, Six Million Dollar Man doll

Brian’s favorite entries: Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces; Roosevelt Franklin

Entry Gael wishes she could go back and add into the book: "Emergency!"

Entry Brian wishes he could go back and add into the book: “CHiPs”

Gael's most precious retro possession: 1972 Mystery Date game

Brian’s most precious retro possession: Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces

Retro food Gael would bring back if she could:
Marathon candy bars

Retro food Brian would bring back if he could: Koogle

Most surprising thing Gael learned while researching the book: Milky Way Midnight candy bars used to be labeled Forever Yours

Most surprising thing Brian learned while researching the book: Shakey’s Pizza is still around!

Most depressing thing Gael learned while researching the book: Fisher-Price Little People aren't little any more.

Most depressing thing Brian learned while researching the book: Not a lot of people seem to remember the classic -- and very strange -- kiddie-gangster flick “Bugsy Malone”

Stay tuned!


Deanna said...

How could you leave out "Emergency" and "Chips?" Two of my very favorite shows of all times! You're just saving them up for the sequel!

Julie said...

OHHHH My FAVORITE Movie when it came out was Bugsy Malone! Me and 2 of my friends would meet at one house and sing the songs after school because her mom bought her the record! We were so jealous! I recently bought the DVD & CD cheesy yes! But I still like it :) Another very strange 80's flick I love is "The Pirate Movie"...I babysat one night and it was playing on HBO & Cinemax and I was watching it when the parents left and continued to watch it back to back all night and it was on when they came home. Very sad! My husband now tapes Emergency every night on Retro TV station and we watch it and Adam-12 every day.