Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vincent Price

Who didn't love Vincent Price? Whether you thought of him in his classic horror movies, as a guest on "Bionic Woman" or "The Brady Bunch Hour," his "Muppet Show" segment or "Thriller" voiceover, because of his goofy apple sculpture-shrunken head thing, he was awesome.

Price would have been 100 last week, there's a wonderful Metafilter post about his great career, including this photo of Price with the father of one Metafilter poster.

How could one voice be so creepy, yet so courteous? Vincent Price has no modern equivalent.


Jackie said...

I always found him to be so creepy as a kid. Didn't like him. Now I love it when he's portrayed by Bill Hader on SNL!

Anonymous said...

I remember him from Scooby Doo! (and Phyllis Diller, but that's a whole different topic...)