Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Dirty Dancing" Redux

Do you bring a watermelon to every party you attend and know full well that nobody puts Baby in a corner? Well, you just might be a "Dirty Dancing" fan. So what do you think about the news this week that a remake is in the offing?

From my perspective, the only saving grace to this project is the fact that original choreographer Kenny Ortega is slated to direct. Steve Spears at Stuck in the '80s and Jen Chaney at the Washington Post's Cebritology blog have a few ideas on the subject. Jen posted a poll asking what her readers think, and the last time I checked, 86 percent of respondents said it was "the worst idea I've ever heard."

Although, the remake's got its supporters, too. Original Baby Jennifer Grey said in the Wall Street Journal that she's "excited" about it.

What do you think? Does this thing have legs?


Anonymous said...

Gross. This, and the remake of "Footloose" with a country soundtrack should be fired into space, never to be heard from again.

Anonymous said...

I hate the idea. The original is my very favorite movie ever. No one can replace Patrick Swayze!

Anonymous said...

"Dirty Dancing" is one of those movies I never saw all the way through, so I really have no opinion about it (though I always thought pre-nose-job Jennifer Grey was cute). The bigger problem to me is Hollywood's reliance on "reboots" instead of coming up with original ideas. I know it makes business sense, given that remakes and franchise extensions are often big hits, and with sci-fi films you can use up-to-date special effects. But some films are just fine the way they are, as "Dirty Dancing" fans seem to believe. Remaking a movie that's relatively recent is simply lazy. Just wait -- in another few years they'll be remaking the Harry Potter movies!

Anonymous said...

The magic of DD will never be captured in a remake because Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey will not be in it. How about trying something new and different?