Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scent of the past

Not all of these scents at the Vermont Country Store are discontinued, but some of them bring back really fun old memories.
Giorgio! Wind Song! (It stays on my mind...) Coty Wild Musk! Sunflowers! Tigress! Aspen! My Sin! Emeraude! Vanderbilt! You're the Fire!

Remember any of them? What were the perfumes you remember from your childhood? I remember a lot of cheap Avon scents that came in really cool shaped bottles but never smelled too great. Everyone's mom had them on her bathroom counter though.


cmcl said...


janet said...

The original Aviance! Oh! And Heaven Sent! LOVED the pretty bottle! ;c)

toycoon said...

Do you suppose that is the dashing Prince Matchabelli in the commercial?