Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little Professor

I had the Little Professor, and man I LOVED it.

It was like a calculator, but it asked you the questions. And if you got the answer wrong, it said "EEEEE."

 The guy's little mustachioed face always cracked me up.


Marcy Campbell said...

I had the one that looked like an owl with two different colored eyes. If you got the answer right, the green eye lit up; wrong, the red eye. Much less traumatizing than the professor.

Derek said...

I had one too! I was always frustrated that it didn't double as an actual calculator, too.

Remember Merlin? I wore the buttons out on that game.

Rich M said...

I wanted to buy one of these for my kids, but was in sticker shock when I went on EBay.

Sylko said...

My sister had one. Either the owl or the professor. There was another trivia type game, too. I loved them.