Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Right hand on green!

"Twister" may join some of our other favorites in the Toy Hall of Fame, which sounds like a rockin' cool place to visit.

Nowadays it seems like the game is always mentioned in some weird sexual way, like "let's play naked Twister!" But we loved it in a very G-rated way as kids. Backbending yourself all up and landing smack on your butt on that weird plastic mat was pretty fun.

I once interviewed the inventor of Twister, Reyn Guyer. He also invented Nerf. Twister took off when it was featured on the Tonight Show and Johnny Carson played it with a scantily clad Eva Gabor. (Note: Wikipedia is now claiming that Guyer wasn't involved, which is weird to me. He isn't on the patent, supposedly.)

Was Twister a part of your childhood?


Brian said...

I only played Twister a few times as a kid, in part because the mat usually got ripped up in short order. Most kids who played didn't follow the Golden Rule of Twister: Always take your shoes off first!

The box cover featured here is notable because, although I always thought of Twister as a kids' game, it clearly shows adults playing. And the man and woman appear to be in a **ahem** curious position to say the least (or is that just my dirty mind talking??). It's also interesting that all the men are wearing jackets and ties. Was the game being promoted for formal occasions, or were jackets and ties simply more common back in the day?

Anonymous said...

Brian: Corporate team-building exercise.