Thursday, October 20, 2011

United Colors of Benetton

Oh, Benetton.. More than any of the specific clothes you had, I remember the details.

There was a Benetton store at my mall and it didn't have any clothing racks, everything was folded and stacked in cubes.

The ads were all over my Seventeen magazine, and they were striking and international and diverse and just plain cool. And sometimes, shocking.

And for a short time I really loved wearing their fragrance, Colors. I can still remember the smell. It came out in 1987 and is a mix of orange blossoms, marigold, and vanilla. It's only $14 at Amazon. Not sure it's worth even $14 just to ger a 30-second time machine trip back to 1987, but if I wanted to, it's good to know that's an option.

Did you ever wear Benetton, or do you remember the ads? Of course, they are still around, but not as prominent.


Brian said...

I remember the uproar over the Benetton ad with a nun kissing a priest. I can't imagine people getting so worked up over an ad like that today.

Anonymous said...

I am from Gen Y. I had Benetton Barbie and LOVED it. I never had any Benetton clothes.