Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Body on Tap shampoo

Everyone who was of a certain age in the 70s or 80s remembers Body on Tap shampoo, although some of us don't remember the name...they just remember it as "that shampoo with beer in it."

The Wikipedia entry pedanticly insists this information is not verified, but I remember this too: "The original formula contained 1/3 beer which people used to believe made hair fuller and softer. Whether it was the beer which enhanced the fullness and softness of the hair or not, the shampoo did leave hair very soft and full, especially after blow drying."
You can still buy it at the Vermont Country Store, which also has Lemon Up and Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific. But it's not made with beer, apparently, although it does have barley and hops. Also, I miss the old bottle.

Here's an interesting post from the guy who was the purchasing manager for the shampoo. The beer was Budweiser, but the company wouldn't let them reveal that because the beer had to be "denatured" so it wouldn't be taxed as alcohol, and also they weren't so high on the idea of beer being part of something poured on yout hear rather than consumed. 

Here's an old commercial with Kim Basinger. BUT DON'T DRINK IT! Back then, all you needed to do was say that, however jokingly. Today you'd probably need an official warning label or something.


Miranda said...

I totally remember Body on Tap! (I was born in 1969.)

I never used it; I was too young for it when it was readily available. I don't want to pay what I'm sure the Vermont Country Store is charging for it now, but I'd love to try it. :-)

Mike said...

I had beer poured on my head by not older brother and my hair was a mess. False advertising! :)

Wasn't there a shampoo with egg on it too? I may be confused on that one.

jennielucas said...

I used this, as did all my friends, in 1979-80. We were all born in '63 and '64, to pin down our ages. I would consider buying it from VCS, even at the outrageous price, if the scent is the same. Won't know until I try . . . .

Karen R said...

I used it as a teenager, and it was an amazing shampoo. It left your hair soft, silky and with a shine you couldn't get from other shampoos. I truly missed it when it disappeared from stores.

Anonymous said...

I remember it well and it did have an AWESOME SMELL that people noticed. ( no not a beer smell ) I recall back then it was also said from different sources ?? and other shampoos that maybe in shampoo or not ? But egg, mayo, beer, and a few other around the house things were supposed to condition ur hair too. Though body on tap was pretty good, ( the girls loved the nice smell on me that lasted all day. ( NO NOT BEER SMELL ::)) ) that was on my breath. Cheers