Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Blast from the past?

Does anyone remember Hidden Treasures cereal? Does this not seem like its 2012 grandchild?

Red, blue, yellow, blu--NO, GREEN, AAAUGH!

Simon is much fancier and has more variations than in our day. This Simon Flash looks cool, though.

Man, we loved that game!

Bring a pencil to rewind!

Oh man, of course we love this iPhone case designed to look like a cassette tape. A true crossing of the generations, and so well done.

Bring a pencil in case you have to rewind!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rejected Star Wars toys

Rejected "Star Wars" toys.

Admittedly, that inflatable emperor's throne looks pretty darn cool. And how hilariously, wonderfully lame is the Death Star basketball?


Don't copy that floppy!

This is from the 1990s, but the outfits and the dorkiness stands proudly with every cheesy thing the 1980s ever produced.

The Shat does The Beatles

I'm sure all good nostalgia types know this happened, but every once in a while we just have to replay it and say: William Shatner, what the hell were you on?

As Loey on our Facebook page wrote there, "He was mainlining ego. Pure, high-end ego."

'Valley Girl' remake

They're remaking "Valley Girl"? The great 1980s film with the super soundtrack from before Nicolas Cage's movies were all crap?


But we may have to rent the original just for the memories this news story brought up.

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